Detailed Directions With Photos

"How do you get there?"

If you're near the Hollywood Freeway, Santa Monica Freeway, the Slausen Cutoff, or the fork in the road, you may as well fly because you are three thousand miles away.

But assuming that you're driving in from I-581, the following the illustrated directions below should make it easy to find us, despite our total lack of a giant neon sign.  We don't care whether you have no job, a prison record, or a bad credit rating, and you don't have to pay your dues until you're sure that you want to join.  So come to some meetings and check us out.


North is up.  Off the map to the north, I-581 begins with exits off of I-81.



From I-581, take the Hershberger Road East exit.  (Shown is the view coming north from downtown Roanoke.  If traveling to Roanoke from I-81, take I-581 South then Hershberger Road East.)



Drive past the exits for Valley View Mall on the right and the airport on the left.



Go through through the stoplights at Rutgers Street and Bean Street near Crossroads Mall (not shown on the map).  Get in the middle lane.  You will see Wendy's on the right and Western Sizzlin' and McDonalds on the left.



Ahead is the traffic light at Williamson Road.  Beyond it, Hershberger Road narrows to two lanes, but since you are in the middle lane, you are all set to cross.  (The right lane turns right, and the left lane and the new left turn lane go left.  So with this new turn lane, the second lane from the right will cross Williamson Road.) 



This is the Hershberger / Williamson Road Intersection.  You will pass Walgreens then Pizza Hut.



The next stoplight, shown here, will be for Florist Road.  Turn left onto Florist then right into the parking lot - or continue through the light, then make the next left.  Meetings are held in the Friendship Manor Fellowship Hall at the corner of this intersection. 



Intersection of Hershberger and Florist

In this panorama, Florist Road is on the left and right of the picture.  You will have driven down Hershberger Road from the far right of the picture.

To enter, turn left down Florist.  An alternate entrance is a short distance down Hershberger when you can make the next left turn on Bluebell Lane.  The prominent brown-roofed building behind the sign is Friendship Manor Fellowship Hall, where the meetings are held.  We hope to see you there!

If you have a GPS system, the address of Freiendship Manor is:

397 Hershberger Rd
Roanoke, VA 24012-1983

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