Lincoln's Birthday Commemoration

at Lincoln Homestead

Rockingham County, Virginia

February 12, 2008

199th Birthday of President Lincoln


Built in 1800, during the war the house and farm were owned by Confederate-sympathizing slave-owners who didn't much like their relative - President Abraham Lincoln.


Yes, someone left a phone book at the unoccupied Lincoln house.


Only a small historical marker indicates the significance of the farm.  As you can see from the house, the Virginia Lincolns were wealthier than their Kentucky relatives.

Here, a portion of the Roanoke CWRT arrives.  A total of eight of us made the trip and were among the first to arrive for the commemoration.  We were able to chat with Dr. Stone, who has spoken to the Round Table, and to Nicholas Picerno, who is scheduled to speak to the Round Table later in the year.

John Lincoln moved to Virginia from Pennsylvania in 1768.  The Lincolns and Daniel Boone's family intermarried.


Jacob Lincoln, a son of John, was a Revolutionary War veteran.  Another son of John, Captain Abraham Lincoln, moved to Kentucky with his young son, Thomas.  In 1809, Thomas and his wife Nancy Hanks brought Abraham Lincoln, a future President, into the world.



Although Abraham and Mary Lincoln are buried here, they aren't the President and his wife.


From left to right you can see the barn, the house, and the cemetery near the lone tree.  Around 110 people showed up.

Dr. Phillip Stone, is President of Bridgewater College and Founder of the Lincoln Society of Virginia, the only such society in a southern state.  Dr. Stone is used to bad weather for the event and he doesn't let some snow and sleet keep him from making a great speech.

The event was well attended, and it was covered by the press.


Over two decades, the webmaster has developed a reputation for wandering around.  He couldn't keep himself from peeking into the Pennsylvania style barn.


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