Mosby Trip


Our guide, the well prepared and consistently dapper Harry Smith (right), is about to tell us about the Burwell-Morgan Mill, one of the less well known John Singleton Mosby sites.  Although a UVa alumnus like Mosby, Cranston Williams (left), happily contemplates his failure to shoot a fellow student.  Meanwhile John Graham (center) wonders why he is wearing long pants in 90 degree heat. 



"Life is like a store-bought ham and cheese sandwich."

There are no edjuhmuhkayshionuhl requirements to attend Round Table trips.  Participants, however, may have to eat lunch in a cemetery with Bobby Benson and Jack Daniels.


Flag of the 11th Va. Continentals - Morgan's Rifle Corps

Burwell-Morgan Mill

Built by Daniel Morgan of Cowpens fame and a Col. Burwell, in Civil War times, the mill was a Mosby hangout.  At the end of the war, failed surrender negotiations took place in a house nearby.



Front Door and Room


Back Door and Room

In an example of seeing what each of us individually would never get to see and appreciate otherwise, the Round Table visited this house.  During their January 1864 raid on Loudon Heights, the house was entered by some of Mosby's men through the front door, while Yankee officers fled out the back.

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