Soldiers left graffiti on this church in McDowell, which also served as a hospital after the battle.  During our trip, the ladies of McDowell served us a chicken dinner in the church.

From Hull's Hill - Although not normally accessible, during our trip, we were not only allowed onto Hull's Hill, locals took us to the top in pickup trucks.  Here you can see the Confederate position, Sitlington's Hill, as well as the main Union artillery line and the field crossed by the advancing Federals.  A limited number of Union guns were wenched up Hull's Hill in order to fire onto the Confederate position.

We were also taken to the Confederate position on Sitlington's Hill.  Our local guide, who had done metal detecting in his youth, told us that because of his finds, and lack of finds, he believes that the traditional location given to the badly shot-up 12th Georgia is incorrect.

At the end of our tour, a local resident showed us the artillery projectile that he had recently dug out of his yard!

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