Cold Harbor/Tredegar

Our tour guide at Cold Harbor was former President Frank Eggen, shown here several name-tag twists away from asphyxiation.

The Round Table toured the portion of earthworks constructed by Pickett's division in front of Frank's house.

Sheridan's Headquarters

Round Table group is on the right.  (Don't forget your horizontal scrollbar.) The Union XVIII Corps charged through this ravine early on June 3, 1864 as part of Grant's infamous assault.  Because we visited during a severe drought, the ravine was largely dry - and not a pond as it usually is.

A view of downtown Richmond from in front of Tredegar Iron Works

Tredegar - shown here with two Round Table members and their ghostly twins.

Model of Tredegar during the war.  The foundry is the building with a smokestack next to the river, and the Richmond Manufactory complex is on the right.  The James River and Kanawha Canal is on the top half of the photo.

Diorama of the foundry building, showing the casting of cannon.


Vandenberg Gun

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