Winchester - March 2015


The tour, led by Scott Patchen, started off with snow on the ground but ended with reasonable temperatures.

The tour included sites south of Winchester leading up to the First Battle of Winchester.

Jonathan Noyalas spoke to us in the evening about Winchester during the war.  Here he signs his book on Fishers Hill for the Round Table's webmaster.

On Day 2, we started out with sites related to the Second Battle of Winchester.  We toured the Star Fort...

And Stephenson's Depot, where Scott took our group photo..

And we were off to Third Winchester, where land had recently been cleared, and fencelines restored.

We crossed Red Bud Run on the most recently preserved land.

As Union troops advanced in the field behind our group, Confederate artillery from across Red Bud Run fired into their flank.


We stopped at Fort Collier, where Union cavalry smashed into the northern flank of the Confederate army.

Scott Patchen signs his book on Third Winchester.

That evening, Dr. Irvin Hess and his wife told us about 'The Burning', where Union forces burned as many barns and mills as possible so as to make the Shenandoah valley useless to the Confederacy..

We started the third day visiting notables in the cemetery.


We visited Stonewall Jackson's Headquarters.

We ended another wonderful tour at Edinburg Mill, which was one of the few mills to survive 'The Burning'.

All photos are copyright 2015 by John Hamill

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