4th Annual Saltville Civil War Syposium
October 4, 2008

The topic was "General George Stoneman and the Union Forces in Appalachia".

Harry R. Haynes

Harry R Haynes, Manager Museum of the Middle Appalachians hosted a tour of the Civil War exhibits and also of the mining history of Saltville.

Robert Baker

Robert Baker gave a presentation of the 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, US Army and discussed the movements of the infantry in Smyth County and Southwest Virginia.  The 39th was present at the First Battle of Saltville and participated in Stoneman's Raid.

Ben Fuller Fordney

Ben Fuller Fordney, biographer of General George Stoneman, discussed Stoneman's Raid.  This offensive resulted in two significant county battles - the Second Battle of Saltville and the Battle of Marion.  Stoneman's offensive through Smyth County was part of a bigger movement designed to open access into North Carolina and take control of a Confederate prison and a supply center.

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