New Market Trip



Hall of Valor - Stained glass illustrates the battle.  A statue of Thomas Jefferson looks toward the names of the VMI cadets killed in battle, including Thomas G Jefferson, a relative of the thrid President.  The Thomas Jefferson statue was made by Moses Eziekel, a world famous sculptor knighted by the king of Italy.  Earlier in his life, Eziekel had been VMI's first Jewish cadet.  He fought at New Market as a cadet and was with Thomas G Jefferson when he died.  


The Hall of Valor exhibit area includes a musket which was destroyed by a shell fragment while being carried by a cadet in the battle.  Other items include medals issued to the cadets and a bullet that wounded one of the cadets.

$10 will get you a Civil War bobblehead doll.


Troy Marshall, wearing blue, was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide.

Two companies of cadets passed to the left of the Bushong house while two companies passed to the right of it.

After being moved from reserve to the front line along the rail fence, as part of te climatic attack, the cadets advanced on the Union battery to their front, capturing a gun.

The Bushongs took cover in the cellar during the battle.  Afterwards, the house was used as a hospital.

All photos are copyright 2009 by John Hamill

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